Travel Log 2018 part 2

Road trips and Fjords.

Last week, we took a ferry out of Stavanger and drove from fjord to fjord to reach the mountain cabin owned by Geir's unending network of friends with nice things, cool jobs, and kind personalities. Dragging mother up the quarter mile of soaked grass and slippery rocks, we were greeted by a herd of blithering goats around the cabin. Their feces caked the hill and trails surrounding the cabin, ensuring that our first entrance tracked an eau de farm into the charming space. After getting set and fretting about the magnificent view we couldn't see but for shreds of fjord peeking though the clouds, we got about cooking lamb and potatoes, reading, drinking whiskey and general haribo-flavored sloth. 

The next day, it was further up the highway to the beautiful Energihotel looking out over a clear fjord valley. There was modern architecture and fine foods with limited company. The jogging in the town by the electric plant and town was tranquil and lovely, filled with minimalist houses and lawn-mowing drones. The jogging up the hill was just as beautiful with waterfalls and sheep peeking out from around dripping cliffs and clustered aspen copses. A good trot, but I had to walk back down to avoid knee damage. Dinner and breakfast were incredible, poached salmon, leek soup, and a panna cotta adjacent dish with berries and lemon thyme (we had an extra one of those). Brekky was what you'd expect form the Nords: top quality fruit, meat, and vegetables, decent coffee.

We came back exhausted and had takeaway sushi that cost too much money. Yesterday we ate fried chicken and relaxed.